Welcome Our New Vestry Members

St. Matthew/San Mateo

Please welcome our newly elected Junior Warden, Aristides Portillo, along with vestry members Mauricio Portillo, Tony Riggs, Alejandro Ruiz, Manuel Silva, Irais Vasquez, and alternate Edith Montoya. Thanks go to Silviano Celestino (previous Junior Warden), Bessy Granados, Enrique Hernandez, Ndidi Jackson, Dale Rose for their hard work as they complete their terms. Photos from Easter, Holy Week, and our Annual Meeting on May 8th and other events can be found on our Facebook page. You do not have to log into Facebook to view them.


Thoughts by Rev. Ana

Blessed be Mary Magdalene! She’s not mentioned among the twelve disciples, but she was just as much a disciple of Jesus as they were. Peter and John came to the tomb because she had called them and, after taking in the scene of the empty tomb, they left. They didn’t stay with Mary.

Mary Magdalene stayed and was rewarded with hearing her Teacher speak her name. She learned that his resurrection meant that love had triumphed. Love triumphs over hatred and evil. God is a God of life who gives life.

When we “live” the resurrection we will not remain indifferent to injustice, inequality and violence. We will weep for those who like Jesus, die as innocent victims. And the Risen Lord will be at our side, calling each of us by our name, and the light will go on for us as we answer, “Teacher!”


En la paz de Cristo,
Rev. Ana Langerak


St. Matthew's Church