Thought from Rev. Ana


Jesus has ascended, and it's now all up to his disciples. Right? Well, no. Not quite. The story of the Book of Acts tells us that the followers of Jesus, who had seen their Lord leave them, were not sad, as you would expect. When it was all over, they were joyful.


How was that possible?


They simply trusted the promise that they would receive power from the Holy Spirit. And so it was. The life giving Spirit came to them while they were gathered in Jerusalem, and they were transformed into the community of women and men who would carry forward the work of Christ in bold and loving ways.


The power of the Spirit can do things in us and through us that seem impossible. Like women I know who have battled breast cancer, and who now are advocates and care-givers to women in similar situations. If you ask them how they do this, they say, "Not on my own; it's through a higher power."


Like some priests I had the privilege of knowing in my ministry in Central America. Several of them served in towns that were over-run by soldiers who shot at anyone suspected of defending the rights of the poor. How did they continue to proclaim God's desire for justice? They would say, "The Spirit is carrying us."


Friends, being faithful as disciples of Jesus isn't all up to us. We're called to be his witnesses, but we're not lone rangers. As we inform, invite, and include our communities in sharing the Good News, we are blessed with the gift of God's empowering.


Thanks be to God.


--Rev. Ana Langerak



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