Stewardship - We are the Church: We Give and we Receive

Bread and Wine

We had the blessing of welcoming our guest preacher, Rev. Dr. Jerrett Hansen on Sunday, November 8, for the start of our Stewardship emphasis this year. Rev. Hansen, recently retired pastor and director of mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, reminded us that we are God’s stewards in all areas of our life, and that generosity blossoms when we trust in God’s grace.

The following questions and answers summarize neatly some of the biblical teaching on stewardship presented by Rev. Hansen:

Pastor Hansen, in your sermon you said that our relationship to money is part of Christian discipleship. Why is this so?

Faith and life are connected. How we live, what kinds of decisions we make, how we spend our resources of time and money, are an outgrowth and an integral part of our faith.

Why should we make a pledge towards the church’s ministries? Isn’t what we give a personal matter?

Pledging, or making a commitment to give to the ministry of the church, is personal. Everyone should carefully determine what they will give and then cheerfully give as part of living a faithful life.

You listed some spiritual practices that shape faithful stewardship. What were they?

Pray daily, worship weekly, read the Bible daily, serve the world through the church and beyond the walls of the church, build spiritual friendships, and give and live generously.

Thank you, Pastor Hansen, for reminding us that we give, not because we  “have to,”   but  “we get to!”   We give as we love - because God loved us first.



On Care for Our Common Home

The English-language congregation had the very rich and challenging experience of celebrating four special worship services on caring for God’s Creation. As part of the series, Rev. Ana presented this power point that highlights the central concerns of the Encyclical, Laudato Si, by Pope Francis. Our members had the chance to discuss it in an Adult Forum during the Coffee Hour on October 18, 2015.

On Care for Our Common Home:
Pope Francis'  Encyclical Letter: Laudato Si


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