Alleluia. Christ is Risen!

My dear friends, may Godís richest blessings of resurrection hope and joy be yours today and always!

Looking around us, we can see that itís not just a coincidence that the Christian Church placed Easter Sunday within the season of Spring. What could be a better illustration of the resurrection of the Lord than the stunningly beautiful way in which nature comes alive after the cold of Winter? All around us buds have unfolded, and tender leaves appear on the branches of trees.

In the Spring, as well as during Eastertide, itís good to remember that Godís life-producing work is on-going, and that we are part of that process. We too are sowers and harvesters with God. God is looking to us to help bring forth fruits for Godís reign of peace and justice.

Iím struck, for example, by the fact that so many women and children in our communities live on the edge of malnutrition because the family wage is not enough. How can we influence changes in this situation?

The buds on the tree outside my window tell me that participation in Godís life-giving work starts at home. It begins with me, and in my heart and will. Let me begin right here!


Godís peace,
Rev. Ana


Spring Tea Coming Up on May 17, 2014


Please come and join us for our annual Spring Tea on May 17th from 2pm to 4pm. If you have a special tea cup or pot that you would like to share a story about, please bring it along. If not, don't worry! We have plenty of lovely vintage china teapots and cups from which to choose. It's your chance to enjoy a variety of teas, sandwiches, fruit, and other goodies, while listening to live musical entertainment. Tickets are $15 for adults or $5 for children under 12 years old. A flyer may be downloaded for printing here. Call the church office at (301) 559-8686 or email Karen Cassedy at if you would like to reserve tickets in advance.

St. Matthew's Church