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St. Matthew/San Mateo

Thank you everyone for joining us on September 21st for our celebration of St. Matthew's Day and International Sunday. It was a wonderful music-filled service followed by a great offering of food and culture from the countries of our members' heritage. Please check out our Facebook page for photos of this and the more recent celebration and of the baptism of Robert and Patricia's children. Both were joyous occasions for all. Click here to see our page. You don't need to be a member of Facebook.


Thoughts by Rev. Ana

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed getting pictures and icons of Christ that show him to be Asian or African or Latin American. I even had one that showed him as a graceful Hawaiian, with a lei around his neck and arms extended in a warm greeting. It’s a great thing to be able to see Christ in the flesh of our own race or ethnic group and to claim him as “one of us.”

But in Luke’s story of the disciples on the Road to Emaus, Jesus was a stranger to his own friends. As they walked together and sat down together, he never said who he was. They only recognized him when he took bread and broke it. Then he disappeared from their sight.

This story about the Risen Christ seems to say even when we have the joy of knowing Jesus as a true friend and unique companion, he remains strange enough for us to always be alert. Our eyes should always be on the look-out for a fresh recognition of the Lord in our own situation. This story ask us, “Where do you encounter Christ on your own Emaus road?”


Bendiciones de paz y esperanza,
Rev. Ana


St. Matthew's Church