Welcome Our New Vestry Members

St. Matthew/San Mateo

Please welcome our newly elected Junior Warden, Aristides Portillo, along with vestry members Mauricio Portillo, Tony Riggs, Alejandro Ruiz, Manuel Silva, Irais Vasquez, and alternate Edith Montoya. Thanks go to Silviano Celestino (previous Junior Warden), Bessy Granados, Enrique Hernandez, Ndidi Jackson, Dale Rose for their hard work as they complete their terms. Photos from our Annual Meeting on May 8th and other events can be found on our Facebook page. You do not have to log into Facebook to view them.


Holy Week Schedule / Semana Santa:

  • Saturday, March 28th (Misa y procesion en Vísperas del Domingo de Ramos)
    5:00pm, Misa en Español

  • Sunday, March 29th (Palm Sunday / Domingo de Ramos)
    10:00am Procession and Holy Eucharist in English
    7:40am, 11:40am, 5:40pm, Bendición de Palmas y la Procesion de Palmas (esquina de la Oliver St. y 36th Avenue)
    8:00am, 12:00pm, 6:00pm, Misa en Español

  • Thursday, April 2nd (Maundy Thursday / Jueves Santo)
    7 pm, Bilingual mass followed by simple supper / Misa bilingue seguida por el comparatir de una cena de comida simple

  • Friday, April 3rd (Good Friday / Viernes Santo)
    6 pm, Via Crucis Ecumenico
    7 pm, Holy Eucharist in English (Chapel)

  • Saturday, April 4th (Easter Vigil / Vigilia Pascual)
    8 pm, Misa en Español

  • Sunday, April 5th (Easter / Domingo de Resurrección)
    10 am, Holy Eucharist in English
    8 am, 12 pm, 6pm Misa en Español

Thoughts by Rev. Ana

The season of Lent gives us the opportunity to go deeper in our understanding of prayer. Do we think of prayer as a means to get God to do things (and fix them)? Or do we think of prayer as a way of "tuning in" to God and God's will for us, and seeing what this means for our daily lives.

Maybe you have heard of a French woman by the name of Simone Weill. She got tired of hearing about Christians who prayed for peace and justice while the Jews were being persecuted in Europe, and who did not act on their faith convictions. She decided to live a life "without escape", as she called it. To live as if God did not exist.

Maybe you have heard about a pastor and theologian by the name of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He also became frustrated with the prayers that Christians raised to God for delivery from the rule of Hitler, without doing anything to change the existing order. After he organized a coup and was condemned to death, he wrote a letter just before his execution. In it he said that we should live as if God does not exist.

These sound like harsh words. They sound like they might be coming from persons who are atheists. But no. Both of these persons were passionate believers in God. What they were saying is that prayer should tune us into God's way and will, and that with God's grace and strength to help us, we should dare to take up our responsibilities as God's children.

As we look forward to celebrating the good news of Christ's victory over death, let us go deep in our prayer life, and let us also abound in the work of the Lord.


En la paz de Cristo,
Rev. Ana Langerak


St. Matthew's Church