Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, Feb. 9, 2016

St. Matthew/San Mateo

Please join us for our traditional pancake supper, Tuesday, February 9th from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. We will be serving pancakes, eggs, sausage, with applesauce and toppings, along with coffee, tea, and milk. Tickets are $7 for adults, $5 for children 3-12 years old, and children under 2 are free. It is "all you can eat," so please join us. Please call the church office for further information (301-559-8686) or email Karen Cassedy ( if you would like to purchase tickets in advance.



Thought from Rev. Ana

Luke 4: 21-30

While Jesus was speaking in the synagogue of his hometown of Nazareth, his townspeople were pleased and proud of him. They were impressed by his words. They said, "How right he is! What a good thing it is that he's one of our own, the son of Joseph." But, in their heart of hearts, they were irritated that he had spent time in other places and done extraordinary things among strangers.

He knew their thoughts exactly. Maybe that's why he chose to speak to them of God's inclusive grace by pointing out that the legendary prophet Elijah had helped a starving foreign widow. He also reminded them of the case of the prophet Elisha who had healed a leper from hated Syria.

That was the crunch. They wanted to restrict Jesus to themselves only. His inclusive message was too much for them, and they got furious to the point of wanting to lynch him.

Jesus taught that God's grace did not discriminate. He himself included in his outreach persons who were Romans, Samaritans, Greeks and Phoenicians. In his ministry he had a special concern for the marginalized among his own people, Jews who were outsiders in their own land. The love of Jesus was radically inclusive.

Let's look at ourselves in the light of this teaching. What are our own attitudes and behaviors? What kind of people do we seek out and associate with? How have we grown in mutual relationships and understanding in our own multi-cultural and bi-lingual parish? How willing are we to welcome persons who are not like us in social class, political thought, or sexual orientation?

Unity and community are God's gift to us, but it's also the work that we, as God's people are called to carry out.

Blessings of strength and joy,
Rev. Ana



Addressing Anti-Muslim Sentiment in Today's World

Maureen Fiedler

St. Matthew’s/San Mateo hosted a Public Forum on this urgent concern during a Coffee Hour on Sunday, January 17, 2016. Sr. Maureen Fiedler, host of the popular public radio program, "Interfaith Voices," led off the discussion with a stimulating presentation. Click here to hear her talk as well as responses from those in attendance.

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