Funeral services for Bernard Jarvis, who died on June 28, will be held in St. Matthew’s Church on Saturday, July 13 at 1:00 p.m.  Visitation with the family will precede from noon.  A reception will follow in the parish hall.  Condolences may be sent to Jackie and the family at 3806 Oglethorpe Street.

We will be having two summer potlucks on the second Sundays of the month, July 14 and August 11.  On those days please bring something to share which does not require re-heating.  Think salads, sandwiches, sides.  We will have the use of the refrigerators on those Sunday mornings and the Saturday nights before.  A signup sheet for coffee hour refreshments on other summer Sundays is available on the bulletin board over the coffeepot in the parish hall.

The Little Free Library outside the Day School entrance facing Nicolson Street is open for business! Anyone may bring a book or take a book to read at any time.Books for children up to age ten are our focus.

If you are taking up the Rosetta Stone challenge this summer, in order to improve your mastery of one language by one level, you can access the program through our local public library at  Type Rosetta into the search box on this page and then follow the link provided.  There is no charge for using Rosetta Stone via the library portal.

The signup sheet for bringing coffee hour refreshments during the summer is available on the bulletin board over the coffee pot in the Parish Hall.